Dead End Thrills celebrates the talent of videogame artists and engineers via the hobby of taking screenshots.
It is the work of a game industry screenshot artist and former magazine writer trying something different.
It also provides regular in-depth features on the art and art technology of the interesting, important or overlooked.
Everything is directly captured. Nothing has been artificially enhanced through Photoshop or other external tools.
Everything is free to download and use in non-profit ventures such as blogs, dissertations, lectures and profile pages.
Ultra-high-megapixel originals suitable for use in large-format print projects or presentations are available upon request.

Commercial Clients
“In his exceptional screen capture work, Harris finds and superbly accentuates landscapes, fragments, moods and ephemeral moments. He makes the viewer see the source game through fresh eyes, and reappraise what they thought they understood about the game. The pictures also exist as incredibly striking images in their own right”
- Alex Garland, screenwriter, novelist and producer (Dredd, Never Let Me Go, Sunshine, 28 Days Later…, The Beach)

“I’ve long been an admirer of Duncan’s work. He’s managed to breathe new life into the art of game photography, capturing some of the most beautifully crafted imagery within the worlds of videogames. His work is an inspiration to fellow artists and developers like myself, and has set a new benchmark for the rest of us to follow.”
- Robert Briscoe, environment artist (Mirror’s Edge, Dear Esther)

“Duncan showed us a sublimely beautiful version of Dunwall, our corrupt and plague-ridden city. With a gifted eye and a mastery of his craft, he elevated our efforts to connect players with the world of Dishonored.”
- Harvey Smith, game designer (Dishonored, Deus Ex, System Shock)

“Simply amazing to work with. Excellent composition skills with a great eye for details. Such a combination of skill and a nice personality to match is a rare find. If I ever get the chance to work with him again I’d do it in a heartbeat.”
- Sami Vanhatalo, lead technical artist at Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake, Max Payne)

Kind Words