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[GUIDE] Watch Dogs

Cheat Engine table

This requires Cheat Engine!! Get it here.

Watch Dogs table features
FOV • Free cam • Time stop • Time of Day

Download table - all versions

Open Table in Cheat Engine. Attach "watch_dogs.exe" via the flashing button in the top left corner.

FOV - F1
Game Speed - F2
Free Camera - F5
Time of Day - F6

Page up = Increase FOV
Page down = Decrease FOV.

Free Camera
You can use the following hotkeys to manipulate the camera position:

Numpad 8 and 2 = Increase \ Decrease Y coordinate
Numpad 6 and 4 = Increase \ Decrease X coordinate
Numpad 9 and 3 = Increase \ Decrease Z coordinate

Hold ALT to move the camera slower.

-> Coordinates can be tricky since they're not based on where you're facing.

Time Stop
This will pause the game but allow you to control the camera.

F3 = Pause the game
F4 = Resume

Time of Day
[ ] keys = Change time of day once activated. Hold alt to increase\decrease in greater increments.
Numpad * = freeze time of day


  • CTO strikes again.
  • Thanks for the CE table Jim! :)
    I was trying it out last night and was wondering why it only seemed to work sometimes... I didn't really wait after enabling the scripts.
    The freecam is a bit tricky, but you get used to it eventually. Great work, thanks again! :)
  • Am I right in thinking there's no way to run this higher than your desktop resolution?
  • It's best to start enabling the scripts while you're loading the menus or even after you start loading the main game. I usually have all my scripts enabled by the time I'm walking around. Helps to be able to keep an eye on the table in the 2nd monitor.

    As for higher-than-desktop resolutions, it's definitely possible. You need to force the resolution in the GamerProfile.xml and make sure it's set to windowed mode. The game will launch in a window of that size. You can use Borderless Widescreen Gaming to resize the window. Though constantly running a high resolution won't be easy as you'll have to run the game on low for decent FPS. I know this is not the preferred way of doing things.... what with hotsampling being all the rage these days.

    What I do is run the game @ 2560x1440 full screen, then switch to 5120x2880 window for a screenshot (with my desktop also set to 5120x2880). I can't do portraits like this though. I'll have to take a few massive portraits today and add that to the guide.
  • Hmm. I tried forcing the resolution in GamerProfile and the window size still topped out in accordance with my highest possible desktop resolution. Maybe I'm missing something.
  • K-Putt will have to weigh in on how he managed to do it. Here's his 6000x2500 shot.

    I'll try it myself as soon as I have time.
  • Just to test it out, I set in GamerProfile.xml:
    - ResolutionX="3840" ResolutionY="2160" (My native res is 2560x1440.. and can't go any higher on this laptop)
    - WindowMode="1" which apparently sets it to "Borderless".
    - (Make it read-only after saving)

    In Options, I had to change to "Windowed" (not Borderless) or BWG didn't work.
    The options will still say the native res, but in-game is actually using the higher resolution.
    It works. No "Hotsampling" though.
  • edited June 2014
    Yup, that fixed it. It's the switch from borderless to normal windowed that triggers the custom resolution. Thanks all.
  • edited June 2014
    It begins....

    Also, you can bind another key to gamespeed to enable slow motion. Good for stopping the game at a precise moment. Or if you just don't want to deal with the in-game focus mode (I don't like the effect). The only thing "timestop" is doing is setting the gamespeed so low that you don't actually notice things moving. They do, but about 1 inch per hour :P

    I'll probably do this myself actually. Just not sure what key to use :)

    Also, you can change your characters orientation when timestopped by right clicking. So just keep that in mind. Mostly I do it on accident and ruin whatever pose I had...
  • Hello!

    How can I open the table in the engine cheat?
  • First thing I need to do is open up this TheWorse mod and turn the damn motion blur off. I'm assuming you break the mod if you toggle it off in-game.
  • thokkiano said:

    How can I open the table in the engine cheat?

    Download the file to your hard drive somewhere. I keep them in a "CE tables" folder. Then double click on the table. Alternatively, you can do file -> load and open the table that way.
    djh_ said:

    First thing I need to do is open up this TheWorse mod and turn the damn motion blur off. I'm assuming you break the mod if you toggle it off in-game.

    I keep my motion blur turned off in-game and in the config file. The mod still functions properly for me.
  • Is there a no-nonsense way to turn the entire HUD on and off?
  • You can completely disable it in the config, or you can snap a screenshot briefly after pressing the smartphone button. I've been doing the latter. It's a pain in the ass. I don't see anyone coming up with a better solution any time soon, sadly.
  • Mind if I ask you guys what AA you think looks best in this game? Haven't had time to test and compare.
    Just noticed these comparisons:
    Looks like SMAA is better than MSAA, I'm kinda skeptical though.
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