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[GUIDE] Blur

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Cheat Engine Table

Download table

[Toggle HUD]
F1 to toggle on and off

This will kill the HUD anywhere in the game, including the menu. It also allows you to use custom aspect ratios in photo mode (where it normally tries to limit you to 16:9.

F2 to toggle on and off

When in photo mode, you're only able to move the camera so far from your car. This script will give you control over all camera coordinates via the numpad. Very useful for breaking through the height ceiling.

Numpad 2/8 = Y coordinate
Numpad 4/6 = X coordinate
Numpad 3/9 = Z coordinate

[Unlocked FOV]
F3 to toggle script

Removes the FOV limits in photo mode

[Unlocked Camera]
F5 to toggle on and off

Removes the camera limits in photo mode (except height)

High resolution screenshots
The easiest way by far is hotsampling. That is, run the game in windowed mode and use a windowed resizer to set up your aspect ratio. When your shot is set up, resize to a much larger resolution with the same aspect ratio, take a screenshot, then resize back down.

In order for a window resizer to work, you must first make the settings file read-only. The settings file is located here:
"\AppData\Roaming\bizarre creations\blur\"

Beyond a certain resolution threshold, you may experience issues actually capturing screenshots. SweetFX refused to save screenshots at around ~30MP for me. MSI Afterburner may fail to save screenshots or crash the game entirely. If you don't want to lose a particular scene you've timestopped, start at lower resolutions, capture screenshots, and work your way up. That way you have SOMETHING if it crashes.


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    Updated the table. The new FOV script unlocks the minimum FOV. You can go as low as you want.

    The FOV script works like the coordinate script. The limits are unlocked, but you can no longer use the in-game controls to change them. You have to use the cheat engine hotkeys. Such is life :(
  • Great job! I have never played this game but it looks very colourful for a car game. I'm going to give it a go.
  • Quick guide to resolution please?? Where to find the ini to type in a custom resolution and which tools are needed, D3DLG, SoftTH? :)
  • Good question. I would like to know that as well when i dive into that game. Jim uses GeDoSaTo right now. That's all i know :D
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    Jim uses GeDoSaTo for downsampling but I haven't had any luck with it. I've been using resolutions 9000x3000, 7000x3500 and 4500x6000 in the SoftTH config and then doing a bit of back and forth in the game's display options to get the resolution to stick, then resizing the window in SRWE. Those are the absolute lowest resolutions I've found that can do away with the game's GTA IV-esque jaggies without incurring the softening wrath of its AA. And that's *after* two AA passes in Photoshop.

    Blur's always been a bit demanding.
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    Love the 3:1 shot by the way :)

    Why haven't you had any luck with GeDoSaTo? I think it's worked well for just about every game I've tried it with. What version are you using? Did you add Blur to the white list? Are you using alternate injection? Are you actually leaving GeDoSaTo open while you play (sometimes I close it by accident, which is why I ask)?

    I use 7680x3840 (for 2:1) and 4500x6000 for portraits. For GeDoSaTo to downsample to custom aspect ratios, you need a custom resolution to saved in the same ratio. For 2:1 I downsample to 2560x1280, and for 3:4 I downsample to 1620x2160.

    You can swap to the higher resolutions while in photo mode too, so you can play at a 16:9 resolution, but switch to 3:4 when you want to set up your shot.

    If you guys have any questions about how to get GeDoSaTo up and running, I can help a bit. For starters, you need to add every game you plan to use to the whitelist first. If the executable is "Blur.exe" then you just need to add "Blur." If it's "SomeOtherGame_x86.exe" then you need to add "SomeOtherGame_x86" to the whitelist. Some games require alternate injection to be checked in order to work. And make sure you look at the GeDoSaTo keys file to see the hotkeys for various things. There's one specifically for capturing full resolution screenshots. In "GeDoSaTo.ini" FXAA is enabled by default, so you probably want to go into the settings and change that to SMAA or disable AA entirely.
  • Ahh, I wonder if it's 'cause I don't have a custom resolution in the same ratio.

    When you mention swapping to the higher resolution within photo mode, is that through the display options or some kind of hotkey witchcraft?
  • Duncan.. why did you never try BWG with that game? No need for SoftTH or GeDoSaTo.
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    This is my process with Blur.

    Play game at 3840x2160.
    Pause game.
    Go to video options and switch to GeDoSaTo resolution (4500x6000, for example).
    Go back to menu and enter photo mode (game never unpauses if you do this with a controller).
    Press F1 to hide HUD.
    Try and find a decent screenshot angle.
    Fail to take any decent screenshots :(
    Switch back to back to gameplay resolution.
    K_putt said:

    Duncan.. why did you never try BWG with that game? No need for SoftTH or GeDoSaTo.

    The first thing I tried was resizing the window via SRWE. The internal resolution didn't change though (screenshots were still the original resolution).
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    I don't get the GeDoSaTo resolution, sadly. Have you tried doing your resolution switch in stages like Dumbo, NY yet? System killers, those.

    EDIT: Thinking about it, I could just do a resolution swap using SRWE. I'll try that.
  • Apparently it doesn't matter if BWG works. I'm at work though so I can't test it.
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    Holy shitbuckets, it works! All hail the mighty BWG.

    EDIT: Now I have to find a capture tool that can reliably take shots without crashing either itself or the game.
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    Glad to hear that it works. There were so many times I was in portrait mode wishing I could take a wide shot. And then the other way around. Hotsampling has us pretty spoiled.

    Add it to the list!
  • Let me know if anyone has trouble capturing at super-high-res on tracks like Dumbo, NY. This is the only game besides Sonic Racing Transformed where none of the frame buffer grabbers like PlayClaw has worked in certain cases. I'm not planning to go lower on the resolution 'cause of the jaggies, so what alternative?
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